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MJI10/19 Hand & Hydraulically Torque Bolted Connections

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Course Description

This course covers specifications, methods, processes, techniques and procedures for using hand and hydraulic torque wrenches. It will explain how to remove components from hand and hydraulic torque bolted connection systems, how to replace, reassemble securely and verify the integrity of assembled joints. The course is assessed through written tests, practical observations and exercises. Successful completion results in an ECITB MJI10&19 certificate, valid for 12 months. Within 12 months work based task assignments need to be completed and technical competence validation test TMJI 10/18/19 taken.

Who Should Attend?

Engineers and Technicians who will be involved in the use of hand and hydraulic torque wrenches and joints.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to MJI10 and MJI19
    • Pre Work Risk Assessment
    • Basic History of Boltings
    • Design and Classification
    • Torque Wrench Types
    • Product Containment
    • Torque Equation
    • Lubrication
    • Flange Tightening
    • HSE and Approved Working Practices

Day 2

  • Prepare work area for the assembly and tightening of bolted connections using hand and hydraulic torque equipment
  • Prepare equipment
  • Prepare materials
  • Assemble bolted connections
  • Tighten bolts using hand and hydraulic torque equipment
  • How to check the integrity of the assembled bolted connection
  • Reinstate the workplace
  • Test and evaluation


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